Know your pasta and the sauces that accompany them... A treat for all cheese lovers! Indulge as you unveil the techniques of Italian cuisine. An instant hit with family and friends…


Italian Vegetarian – Part 1

- Tomato Garlic Bruschettas
- Penne and Veggies in Cream sauce
- Pasta and Corn Arrabbiata
- Pan Grilled Vegetables
- Fruit Trifle


Italian Vegetarian – Part 2

- Macaroni and Corn Salad in Creamy Italian Dressing
- Vegetable Lasagne
- Spaghetti in Bolognaise Sauce
- Five Toppings Pizza
- Tiramisu


Italian Non-vegetarian – Part 1

- Ham Crostini
- Chicken Nuggets
- Fettucine al Carbonara
- Fusilli and Chicken in Vodka sauce
- Chicken and Mushroom Risotto


Italian Non-vegetarian – Part 2

- Three Bean Salad
- Pepper Chicken
- Spaghetti in Bolognaise sauce
- Chicken Lasagne
- Chicken Mince Pizza with bacon and Feta cheese

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