Lebanese Food

Travel middle-east and experiment with subtle flavours of easy-to-find ingredients. The earthiness of its spices transforms a simple dish into a Moroccan delight!

Baba Ghannouj | Hummus | Falafel | Sambousik | Kibbeh | Cous Cous Medley | Shawarma



Milk and Cookies are ever so great together. Explore the combination of ingredients that bake up to a crunchy bite.

Jamaican Coffee Cookies | Butter Cookies | Oat Cookies | Coconut Macaroons | Choco Chip Cookies


Indian Breakfast

Start your day with these lovely combinations of earthy flavours from the heart of our country.

Poha | Oats Utthapam | Khaman Dhokla | Vegetable Vermicelli | Rava Upma | Multi-grain Parantha | Dal Chila | Besan Poora


For a quick breakfast on the move, learn these easy-to-fix recipes to start your day.

Cheese & Spinach | Mini Burgers | Chilli Chicken Foot-longs | Club Sandwich | Cottage Cheese | Tomato paste Low Cal  | Spicy Potato

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